Biryani defines the culture of Hyderabad. Just like the city, this iconic royal dish, is a subtle amalgamation of rice, meat and flavourful spices; where no one ingredient overpowers the other! Hyderabadi biryani stands apart from other varieties available across the country due to its method of cooking and the mild but sophisticated spicing. There are two types of biryani cooked and served in the city. The first is kachhi biryani, in which marinated meat is cooked together with rice. The second variety, which is more common, is the pakki biryani, in which the meat is cooked separately and then layered with half-cooked rice. Both varieties are prepared on dum (a traditional steam-cooking procedure) till the meat is tender and the rice fragrantly cooked, with each grain standing apart. In both these biryanis, the spicing is subtle, with stress on fresh cardamom. There is also a hint of green chilli, ghee (clarified butter) and saffron. 

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