A manufacturing hub for jewellery in South India, Coimbatore is well-known for both machine-made and cast-made jewellery. It is also one of the main diamond cutting centres in the southern part of India.

The making of jewellery is a creative and an intricate process. Firstly, the blueprint of the design is made on paper. When the jewellery is handmade, major components like settings, joints etc., are made by ordinary hand tools. One can really see the skill of the artisan in the beautiful pieces.

Another method of jewellery-making is by casting, when molten metal is poured into moulds that have cavities in desired shapes and sizes. The process of lost-wax casting is most commonly used. In this, the article is first sculpted from wax, which is then used to make a mould. When the actual process is underway, the wax melts to leave the shining jewellery.

Gold jewellery and accessories are an integral part of the South Indian culture and are worn by women on festive occasions as well as in daily life.

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