Lying on the outskirts of Chittorgarh, Nagri is a tourist village that was once a prominent kingdom of the Mauryan empire. In ancient times, it was called Majhimika or Madhyamika and was majorly developed during the Mauryan and the Gupta periods. The excavations and a large number of coins found here indicate dominant Hindu and Buddhist influences. The coins of the Sibi tribes have also been found here. Nagri passed into the hands of various rulers such as the Western Kshatrapa, Hunas, Malavas. The ancient Shiva temple, Hathiyon ka Bara, and Ubhdivat or the Prakash stambh are some of the other prominent sites to visit in the area. It is an ideal spot for those who want to learn more about the history of the region.

Other Attractions in Chittorgarh