Local markets provide a plethora of religious souvenirs. Most of the shops situated around the temples showcase wooden items and other products made exclusively for religious purposes. Near the various ghats, stalls selling idols of gods, small plastic toys, items for pujas, sweets, savoury items, bangles, baskets to be offered to the gods, and a whole host pf other items, can be found. A speciality of Chitrakoot are beautiful lacquered wooden items that are intricately made. From gorgeous decor items to furniture, one can shop for a host of objects in the bustling markets of Chitrakoot. The town is also known for wooden handicrafts, which are made by an age-old tradition of carving sisam, dudhi and sal. Some of the popular items that you can buy are small shrines, deities, toys, dolls and elephants, as well as low carved stools for weddings, fans for the deity and an assortment of small ceremonial containers. Other ceremonial items include carved panels of deities fixed to either end of a metre-long pole. The panels are known as "kavadi", and are carried by devotees to fulfill their vow to Lord Murugan or Karthikeya. Household items like grinders, vegetable cutters and ladles are also quite popular in Chitrakoot.

Other Attractions In Chitrakoot