Founded in 1908 to preserve the cultural heritage of the region, Bhuri Singh Museum is situated at the heart of the town of Chamba. Named after the erstwhile ruler of Chamba state, Raja Bhuri Singh, the museum contains his inherited art collection. There are over 8,500 art objects and antiquities related to art, craft, archaeology, culture and history of the region. Most of the inscriptions housed are about the history of Chamba and written in Sarda script. The museum is also home to a number of unusual artefacts, including paintings of Ramayana and Bhagwat Purana that have been inspired by Basohli paintings. A few portraits that were commissioned by the rulers of the region in Guler-Kangra style can also be seen here. Old Chamba coins, jewellery, traditional costumes, armour, musical instruments used by the people of Chamba region are among the artefacts. The museum was set up with the help of Dutch Sanskritist and epigraphist, Dr J Ph Vogel, who worked with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), between 1901 and 1914. It is closed on Mondays and public holidays.