Dhokra metal casting is one of the most popular art forms practiced by the tribal communities of Bishnupur. What makes dhokra artefacts truly unique are their charming motifs and attractive patterns. Some of the most famous dhokra artefacts include images of deities like Lord Krishna, Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha. You can also buy animal figurines, jewellery items and other utility articles made by dhokra craftsmen. This art uses the technique of lost wax casting, which is one of the oldest methods of non-ferrous metal casting. To make the artefacts, clay is used as the core material and wax is coated over it. A coating of clay paste is applied and the model is left to dry for sometime. The wax is then replaced by molten brass during the traditional method of hollow casting. Markets in Bishnupur are lined with beautiful dhokra items like bangles, pendants, ear rings, anklets, pen stands, key holders and little boxes.