Celebrated to mark the start of the harvest season, Lohri brings into light many of the traditional recipes of India that are whipped up in homes during the festival. While becoming a part of the festival, don't forget to feast on these delicacies.

Makke-di-roti and sarson-ka-saag

To warm up on wintry days at the time of Lohri, people make a perfect mix of healthy and flavourful dishes. Sarson-da-saag is one such preparation that is made using mustard leaves, along with spinach, green chillies and spices. A generous dollop of butter adds richness to the dish that is best served with makke-di-roti (Indian bread made using corn flour).

Murmura ladoo and til ladoo

Murmura ladoo or puffed rice sweet balls are great munchies that are enjoyed while lighting the bonfire of Lohri, a prominent ritual during the festivities. Til-ke-ladoo are prepared with sesame seeds and are both healthy and delicious. The sesame seeds are used from the first harvest of the season and are mixed with jaggery and cardamom to add lip-smacking flavour.

Eaten as a soft and sweet snack, bhugga is prepared with sesame seeds, dry fruits and creamy khoya (thickened sweet milk). This dessert is a favourite with people and is made with various traditional recipes.

Pindi chole
A very popular and delicious curation, pindi chole is known all over Punjab. It is prepared with boiled chickpeas that are cooked with a variety of masalas. This dish is best served with bhathura (fried flatbread) and lachha parantha (flatbread).

This is a traditional dry Punjabi sweet that is prepared with whole wheat flour, roasted in ghee (clarified butter) and powdered with sugar. 

Jaggery is an important component of Lohri thali and is used in a variety of preparations. Gur-ke-chawal comprises of rice cooked with delicious amber jaggery that gives it a sweet flavour.

This scrumptious and healthy halwa (a dense sweet confection) is prepared with semolina, gram flour, jaggery, sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits, saffron and ghee (clarified butter).

A thick and creamy pudding made with makhana or fox nuts and milk, this kheer is garnished with fruits and dry fruits.