The region not only offers rustic beauty of rural Bengal but also presents an engrossing experience of cultural heritage. The nearest heritage sites are Jaydeb-Kenduli, known for an old temple (30 km); Deer Park (4 km); Tarapith, famous for its temple (88 km); Vishwa Bharati University, the seat of Bangla literature, music and learning (3 km); and Bakreshwar Hot Spring (58 km). There is a haat (local market/small fair) every Saturday evening at Sonajhuri, in the vicinity. Amader haat comes alive every Saturday and Sunday at the village itself.

To the east of the village lies the Sonajhuri Forest, while in the south lies the Ballavpur Avayaranya (forest area) and the Ballavpur Bird Sanctuary, where migratory varieties come to nest. To the south of the village lies the Mayurakshi canal. Just 6 kms from Ballavpur, Shantiniketan school is famous for its alumni, which includes the Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi. It is also the hometown of Noble Laureates - Rabindranath Tagore and Amartya Sen.

A village day tour would typically begin with a traditional tribal welcome and a visit to the artist centre. This is followed by the village walk and lunch. In the afternoon, you can visit the bird sanctuary or the Amader haat (market), and in the evening, watch a tribal dance. Bahhabhpur and Kankutiya, the two villages from the Ballavpur Danga cluster, are known for their rich history of craft skills practiced by a mixed population of Santhalis..
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