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Where to Stay

Taj Residency
Beach Road,
Tel: 2567756/2564372. Fax: 2564370.
E-Mail: [email protected]
The Park
Beach Road,
Tel: 2754488 Fax: 2754181
E-mail: [email protected]
Dolphin Hotel Ltd
Tel: 2567000. Fax: 2567555,
Email: [email protected]
Hotel Daspalla
Tel: 2564825/2563141.
Email: [email protected]
Welcomgroup Grand Bay Sheraton
Beach Road,
Tel: 2566550/2560101. Fax: 2550691
Hotel Meghalaya
Asilmetta Junction
Tel: 2755141-5 Fax: 27555824.
Email: [email protected]
Green Park Hotel
Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam
Tel: 2564444 Fax: 2563763
Email: [email protected]
Dasapalla Executive Court
Waltair Main Road,
Tel: 2717300 Fax: 2717444
Email: [email protected]
Royal fort Hotel
Asilmetta Junction
Tel: 5567575 E-mail: [email protected]
Hotel Prince
Daba Gardens
Tel: 2747675
E-mail: [email protected]
Apsara Hotel,
Asilmetta Junction,
Tel: 2564444;
Jyoti Swaroopa,
Tel: 2548871-75;
Hotel Prasahanth
Main Road
Tel: 2526948;
Hotel Krishna Tower
Rly new colony
Tel; 2541276/2541278;
Hotel Shyamala
Paradise Daba gardens
Tel: 5567676;
Hotel Jabbily Beach Inn
Beach Road
Tel: 2706026, 2706468
Hotel Vishnu Residency
Surya Badgh
Tel: 2717575
Sea View Guest House
RK Beach
Tel: 2713844/2713222
Hotel Rajadhani
Tel: 2748156
Hotel Manthralaya
Rly station Road
Tel; 2705210/2705211
AK Tourist Home
Main Road
Tel: 2558880
Hotel Anand
Near Jagdamba Cinema
Tel: 263106/2569906
Hotel Ooty
Tel: 2764251
Prasanth Hotel
Main Road
Tel: 2765282
Hotel Poorna
Main Road
Tel: 262344
Hotel Sarovar
Tel: 265995/2761154
Hotel Sea Pearl
Beach Road
Tel: 2764371/379
Hotel Viraat
Indira Gandhi Stadium Road Tel: 2564821
Hotel Cauvery
Tel: 2561555;
Hotel Haritha
Rly station Road
Tel: 5564137/ 5564138;
Hotel Ashoka
Port area
Tel 2561048/2561049
Beach Road,
Tel: 2575118. Fax: 2565439.
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