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Fast Fact

Summer: 42-37C
Winter: 30-12 C

Best Season:
September to May

Cotton in summer and woollen in winter

Languages spoken:
Hindi, English

STD Code:
Antichak in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar is an archaeological site containing the remains of the famous Buddhist monastery and university of Vikramshila, an important centre of learning in the 8th century. Founded by Pala ruler Dharampala, Vikramshila was a great centre of Vajrayana Buddhism. It was as a result of missions sent from this monastery that the Vajrayana form of Buddhism was established in Tibet in the 11th century AD. The monastery consisted of a very large complex of buildings including splendid temples and stupas. In the excavations carried out in 1960-61, a number of Buddha images of stone and terracotta have been discovered.
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