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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 40-26C
Winter: 29-19 C

Season :
Throughout the year

Clothing :

Languages spoken :
Marathi, English and Hindi

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Maharashtra tourism Development Corporation (MTDC),
‘I’Block,Central Building,
Sassoon Hospital Rd,
Tel: 020 26126867, 26128169;

MTDC Counter,
Pune Rly. Station,
Tel: 020 26111720;

CDO Hutments,
Madam Cama Road,
Mumbai. Tel: 022 22845678
Home to some prestigious universities educational and research institutes, Pune, aptly dubbed 'The Oxford of the East', has more than a rarefied academic and cultural air to it.
Once the bastion of the Maratha power, the city also boasts of beautiful architecture, museums and a wide array of restaurants, cafes and entertainment.
Pune has also earned the sobriquet ‘Queen of Deccan’ for its scenic beauty due to the idyllic setting of the city in the Sahyadri mountain range. This second largest city in Maharashtra is also a travel destination for its religious places. In recent times, it has emerged as a famous IT hub of India.
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