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Kuruma (8 km):
Thisis an important archaeologicalBuddhist sites. An image of Heruka mounting abuffalo and a crowned Buddha seated in Bhumisparsa Mudra are worshipped here by the local people as Yama andDjarma, respectively.The museum adjacent to the temple, run by the ArcheologicalSurvey of India, has an excellent collection of sculpture from the temple ruins. Entry fee: Rs. 5.Fridays closed.

Chourasi (35km):
The place is well-knownfor a temple of Goddess Barahi that has a distinct architecture. 

The tantric shrine dates back to the 9th century. 

The place is famous for the temple of MaaMangala where, in the month of Chaitra, aJhamuYatra is performed every year. The sevayats of Jagannath Temple receive the command garland from this temple and, under the mandate of the Goddess, go in search of Daru or logs of wood for Navakalevar of Lord Jagannath.

Literally meaning the “fading colours,” thisis one of the most colourful beaches of Odisha In terms of the sunset.

Ramachandi Temple (10km):
Located on the Marine Drive Road to Puri,this shrine of Goddess Ramachandi is located in the banks of the river Kushabhadra.

Other places worth visiting are:
Kapileswar (10 km), Beleswar (20 km) and Balighai (25 km). The former twoare well known for their Shiva shrines located on beaches, the latter has a good beach and Sea Turtle Research Centre.

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