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Where to Stay


*The Gateway Hotel Marine Drive*****
Marine Drive,
Tel: 2371471, Fax: 2371481.
Email: [email protected],

Riviera Suites,
Thevara Water Front, Tel: 2665533,
2664850, Fax: 2665906,
Email:[email protected],,
Le Meridien Resort & Convention Centre,
Maradu, Tel: 2705777, Fax: 2705750,
Email: [email protected],
*The Avenue Regent****,
M.G. Road, Tel: 2377977/688/088,
Fax: 2375329, Email: [email protected],

*Bolgatty Palace (KTDC)
Heritage, Bolgatty Island, Mulavukad PO,
Tel: 2750500/ /600, Fax: 2750457,
E-mail:[email protected],

Bolgatty Island Resort,
Mulavukad, Tel: 2750500
Hotel Abad Plaza,
M.G. Road, Tel: 2381122, Fax: 2384383, Email: [email protected],
Harbour View Residency,
Opp Cochin Shipyard, MG Road,
Tel: 2358444/5, Fax: 2358622,
Email: [email protected]

Star Homes Hotels,
Cheruparambathu Road, Kadavanthara,
Tel: 2323051/0192, Fax: 2322526,
Email: hotels@starhome[email protected]

Gokulam Park Inn,
NH Road, Kaloor, Tel: 2400707, Fax: 2400399, Email:[email protected],
Mermaid Complex, Kaniampuzha Road, Vytilla, Tel: 2307999, Fax: 2307804, Email:[email protected],
The Avenue Center,
Panampilly Avenue, Panampilly Nagar,
Tel: 2315301/2, Fax: 2315304,
Email: [email protected],,

The International Hotel,
PB No, 3563, MG Road, Tel: 0484-2382091/0401,
Fax: 2373929, Email: [email protected],,

The Renaissance Cochin,
NH Road, Palarivattom, Tel: 2344463/4, 3092036, Fax: 2331561, Email: [email protected]
Hotel Wyte Fort,
NH 47, Cochin Bypass, Maradu,
Tel: 2706952-56, Fax: 2706034,
Email:[email protected],,

Yuvarani Residency,
Jos Junction, MG Road,
Tel: 2377040/7043/8030/8033,
Fax: 23757800,
Email: [email protected],

Woods Manor,
MG Road, Tel: 2382059, 2382080, Email:[email protected],
MG Road, Tel: 2382055, Fax: 2382080, Email:[email protected]
Abad Atrium Hotel,
MG Road, Tel: 2381122, 2370729, Email:[email protected]
Paramara Rd., Ernakulam, Tel: 2394040. Fax: 2393222. Email: [email protected]
Grand Hotel,
M.G.Road, Tel: 2382061, 2366833,
Fax: 2382066, Email:[email protected],
Cochin Tower,
Lisie Junction, Kaloor,
Tel: 2401910, 2401922,
Email: [email protected]
The Metropolitan,
Near South Railway Stn., Tel: 2376931/5412, Email: [email protected],
NH 47, Cochin Bypass, Maradu, Tel: 2304494, Fax: 2370502, Email:[email protected], (Rs. 1500-3800/-),
Bharat Tourist Home,
Gandhi Square, Durbar Hall Road,
Tel: 2353501, Fax: 2370502,
Email: [email protected],
Hotel Sealord,
Shanmugham Road, Tel: 2382472 /3, Fax: 2370135, Email: [email protected],
Hotel Abad Metro,
Rajaji Road, Tel: 2364162/4102,
Telefax: 2364032,
Email: [email protected],
Hotel Mareena Regency,
Hospital Road, Tel: 2366618/9,
Hotel Excellency,
Nettipadam Road, Jos Junction, Tel: 2378251-58, Fax: 2378259, Email:[email protected],
Hotel Abad,
Chullickal, Tel: 2228211, Fax: 2227163,
Hotel Paulson Park,
Carrier Station Road, South Jn, Tel: 2378240-49, Fax: 2375072, Email:[email protected]
Park Central,
St Francis Church Road, Kaloor, Tel: 2335537/47, Fax: 2335517, Email:[email protected]
Hotel Aiswarya,
Warriam Road, Tel: 2364454/2, 2369590, Fax: 2363933, Email: [email protected],
Chandni Park,
South Kalamassery, Tel: 2557628, 2541039, Fax: 2558783,
Highway Garden,
NH Bypass Road, Padivattom, Edappally, Tel: 2335391,
Stadium Road, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Tel: 2381177,
Alapatt Regency,
Palarivattom, Tel: 2344413/7825, Fax: 2535140,
Email: [email protected]
Blue Diamond,
Market Road, Tel: 2382115/6, Fax: 2370804,
The Mercy,
MG Road, Ravipuram, Tel: 2367372/9, Fax: 2367533, Email: [email protected]
Elite Tourist Home,
Panamara Road, Opp Town Hall, Tel: 2395070/616
Kavitha International,
Chittoor Road, Telefax: 23806201, Tel: 2350618, 2362622, Email: [email protected]
Mayura Park,
Kacherippady, Banerjee Road, Tel: 2390982/312/560,
Hotel Orchid,
Girinagar Link Road, Kadavanthara, Tel: 2319135/8, Fax: 2319137,
Sahara Lodge,
Convent Road, Opp Public Library, Tel: 2352178, 2368054
Udupi Anand Bhavan,
MG Road, Jos Junction, Tel: 2382071/2, 2360221, Fax: 2368918
Gaanam Hotel,
Near South Railway Station, Tel: 2376123, 2377202
Taj Malabar Hotel*****,
Willingdon Island, Tel: 6643000. Fax: 6643182, Email: [email protected]
*Casino Hotel*****,
Willingdon Island, Tel: 2668221/8421/6821, Fax: 2668001, Email: [email protected],,
The Trident Hilton,
Bristow Road, Willingdon Island, Tel: 2669595, Fax: 2669393, Email: [email protected]
Maruti Tourist Home,
Willingdon Island, Tel: 2666365/8069,
ATS Willingdon Hotel,
Willingdon Island, Tel: 2667643/7282/922/933, Fax: 2667043, Email: [email protected]
Lotus 8,
Opp Cochin International Airport, Tel: 2610640,
Email:[email protected]
The Surya,
Railway Station Jn, Angamaly (4 Kms), Tel: 2455570/454, 2456765, Fax: 2456793, Email:[email protected],
Abad Airport Hotel,
Cochin International Airport, Tel: 2610411/501, Fax: 2610516, Email: [email protected],
Cochin Durbar,
Tel: 2611520/21/24, Fax: 2610375, Email: [email protected] (under renovation),
Quality Airport Hotel,
Nayathode PO, Angamaly, Tel: 2610366/678, Fax: 2610399, Email: [email protected]
Best Western Marickar,
VIP Road, Meikkad PO, Nedumbassery, Tel: 2477411/2, Fax: 2477413,
*The Malabar House
(Heritage), 1/268–1/269, Parade Road Fort Kochi, Tel: 2216666, Fax: 2217777,,
The Brunton Boat Yard,
Fort Kochi, Tel: 2215461-5, 3091024/5, Fax: 2668001, Email:[email protected]
Abad Grande Residecia,
Door no: 1/373, Princess St, Tel: 2218983/4, Email:[email protected]
The Old Courtyard,
1/371, 372, Princess Street, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2216302/5035, Email:>[email protected],
Koder House,
Tower Road, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2218485, Fax: 2217988, Email: [email protected]
*Hotel Fort Heritage
(Heritage), 1/283, Napier Street, Elphinstone Road,
Tel: 2215333. Telefax: 2215455.
Email:[email protected],
Hotel Arches,
1/341, Rose Street, Next to St. Francis Church, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2215050, Fax: 2215704, Email: [email protected]
Rositta Wood Castle,
Rose Street, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2218590, Fax: 2218589, Email: [email protected]
Napier Street, Opp St Andrews Parish Hall, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2216730, Fax: 2215757, Email:[email protected]
Ballard Bungalow,
Ballard Road, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2215854, Email: [email protected],
Ann’s Residency,
1/307 A, Rose Street, Next to Indo Portuguese Museum, Fort Kochi, Telefax: 2218024/6424, Email: [email protected]
Casa Linda,
Dispensary Road, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2216888, Email: [email protected]
The Fort House,
2/6A Calvetty Road, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2217103, Email:[email protected],
Sonnetta Residency,
1/387, Princess Street, Tel: 2215744,
Vintage Inn,
Ridsdale Branch Road, Near Njaliparambu Jn, (KB Jacob Road), Tel: 2215064, Email:[email protected],
Pican Casa,
Napier Lane, Fort Kochi, Tel: 2215330, Email:[email protected]
Elite Hotel,
Princess Street, Tel: 2215733, Email:[email protected],
Hotel Park Avenue,
Princess Street, Tel: 2216671/5676,
Fax: 2216670,
Fort Avenue,
Tower Road, Opp Fort Kochi Police Station,
Tel: 2215219, 3029514, Email: [email protected],
Santa Cruz Tourist Home,
Peter Celli Street, Tel: 2216250/5469,
Hotel Fort Queen,
Manthra Road, Pandikkudy,
Tel: 2210943/44/45, Fax: 2226874,
Email: [email protected],
Royal Village,
Alunkal Junction, Eloor North,
Tel: 2546042, Fax: 2545261,
Email:[email protected]
Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital,
Edapally North PO, Telefax: 2801415,
Email: [email protected],
Baywatch Beach Homes,
Cherai Beach, Tel: 2480299, Cell: 944686912
Railway Retiring Room,
South Rly Junction, Ernakulam,
Tel: 2390920, 2666001
Behind Shenoys Theatre, Chittoor Road, Ernakulam,
Tel: 2353479 / 2365479, Email: [email protected],
Youth Hostel,
NGO Quarters Junction, Thrikkakara,
Tel: 2422808, 2425010/429,
PWD Rest House,
Tel: 2361265, Resvn: District Collector, Ernakulam, Tel: 2422292
SPAS: Serena Spa,
Koder House, Tower Road, Fort Kochi,
Tel: 0484-2218485, Fax: 2217988,
Email: [email protected],
Jiva Spa,
Taj Malaber, Willingdon Island,
Tel: 0484-2666811, Fax: 2668297,
Email: [email protected]
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