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Dagshai (17 km)
Once a British cantonment, this small town is surrounded by pine trees and home to an old church.

Sabathu (29 km)
Still a cantonment, the place is famous for the ruins of a Gorkha fort.

Solan (28 km)
Solan derives its name from "Shoolini Devi" a local deity. Capital of the erstwhile Bhagat State Solan derives its name from "Shoolini Devi" a local deity. Located on the NH 22, the place attracts visitors during the famous "Shoolini Fair" organized every year in the second week of June at Thoda Ground.The Solan Brewery, formerly Dyer Meakin Brewery, is in existence since 1855 AD.

Kuthar (46 km)
The place is known for an old palace with wall paintings.

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