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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 33-26 C
Winter: 31 -20C

Throughout the year

Clothing :

Languages spoken :
English, Konkani, Hindi, Marathi

STD Code :

Tourism Office :
Indiatourism Goa,
Communidade Building,
1st Floor, Church Square, Panaji.

Goa Tourism Development Corpn. Ltd.,
Trionora Apartments,
Dr. Alvares Costa Road, Panaji -
Tel: 2224132, 2226728, 2226515.
Fax: 2430133.

Department of Tourism,
Govt. of Goa, Tourist Home,
Patto, Panaji – 403 001,
Tel: 2438750-52.
Fax: 2438756.

Goa Tourism Information Centres,
Kadamba Bus Stand, Panaji,
Tel: 2438329;
Santa Monica Jetty: 2438754, 2437496,
Madgaon Railway Stn.
Tel: 2715851;
Tourist Hostel, Margao,
Tel: 2715204;
Tourist Hostel,
Tel: 2512673;
Karmali Railway Stn.
Tel: 2284090,
Dabolim Airport,
Tel: 2540031, 2540829.

altGoa, situated on the west coast of India, is one of the most delightful states in India. Formerly a Portuguese colony, it is endowed with variety of attractions, like palm pronged beaches, miles of golden sands, lush green country-side, an incredible mosaic of cultural heritage, magnificent churches, temples, forts and monuments and a unique cultural synthesis of the east and west.

With its tropical climate, Goa is a tourist’s destination for all seasons. Goa’s cities are impressively individual. The capital, Panjim (Panaji), for many, hast the edge over many cities in the country.Replete with colonial architecture, the city is known for its vibrancy that attains its pinnacle in the annual Goa Carnival festival.
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