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Gajner Palace and Wildlife Sanctuary (32 km): The lush foliage of the woods is home to the nilgai, chinkara, black buck, wild boar and imperial sand grouse. Within the sanctuary is located the Gajner Palace, a summer resort of the kings, now converted into a hotel. Accommodation: Gajner Palace (Heritage), Tel: 01534 275061-69 Fax: 275060

Deshnok (32 km): The temple here is dedicated to Karni Mata - an incarnation of Durga. What makes the shrine interesting are the mice and rats which are worshipped as incarnation of bards. Accommodation: Yatri Niwas, Tel: 65332.

Kolayatji (50 km): The temple here is dedicated to Kapil Muni, propounder of the Sankhya philosophy and is the site of a fair in the month of Kartik (October/November).

Mokam (78 km): A sacred place for the Bishnoi community, where the remains of the founder of the Bishnoi sect lie deposited.

Kalibanga (205 km): The extensive remains of the pre-Harappan and Harappan civilisation have been found here in Ganganagar district.

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