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Once the personal hunting grounds of Mysore maharajas, the Bandipur National Park in the state of Karnataka is a Project Tiger Reserve -- India's homegrown initiative to protect the tigers’ dwindling numbers. Nesting in the foothills of the Nilgiris, today Bandipur covers 874 sq. km, and is home Asian Elephant, leopards, dholes (wild dogs), gaur, chital, sambar and sloth bears.

You can also spot Giant Squirrel, Nocturnal Porcupine and Blacknaped Hare in this wildlife reserve. the Bandipur National Park is also noted for a number of bird species including Peafowl, Partridge, Hornbill, Quail and Ibis . While visiting the Bandipur National Park, you can also travel to Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.

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