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Remuna (9km):
One of the important Vaishnava centres of the country, Remuna has been a seat of Vaishnavite culture for centuries. The place’s claim to fame is the famous shrine of Khirachora Gopinath temple that is visited by hordes of pilgrims.

Chandipur (16km):

An ideal antique beach resort in Odisha, where the sea water recedes about 5km during low-tide and advances to the shore line again during high-tides each day.

Balaramgadi (18 km):
Near Chandipur this place is an ideal fishing spot, cruising and picnic spot and the meeting spot of river Budhabalanga and sea.

Panchalingeswar (32km):
Situated on a hillock near Nilagiri, is a holy place as well as picnic spot. The land of Five Lingas, that place is known for a perennial spring with a captivating natural beauty. It is the trekking base for Kuldiha sanctuary frequented by elephants.

Chandaneswar (90 km):
The holy shrine of Lord Chandaneswar is a religious centre. Festive occasions like Nilaparva are celebrated in April. This is the only temple in Odisha which is built in Bengali style of temple architecture.

Talasari Beach (95 km):
One of the most beautiful unexplored beaches lying only 4 km away from Chandaneswar and Digha in West Bengal. Long stretches of golden sands dotted with thousands of red crabs create an illusion of a floral carpet.

Chandbali (120 km):
It has been a famous river port since medieval time. It is the confluence of Brahmani and holy Baitarani rivers, which is the gateway to the mangrove forest, Bhitarkanika, famous for crocodile sanctuary having the largest crocodile of the world.

Aradi (112km):
Situated on the bank of river Baitarani, known as sacred Ganges of Odisha, Aradi is famous for lord Akhandalmani. It is one of the religious centres in north Odisha.

Dhamra (145 km):
It is on the confluence of the rivers Baitarani and Brahmani where they meet the sea. It is one of the small ports of India.

Raibania (75 km):

The Jayachandiban of Jayachandi is a picnic spot. A place of historic importance Raibania finds mention in ‘Ain-I-Akabari’ by Abul Fazal. The place is known for its group of forts now in ruins.

Nilagiri (20 km):
It is famous for Nilagiri palace and Jagannath temple. It is the entry point to Panchalingeswar and Kuldiha sanctuary.

Sajanagarh (28km): 

The place is famous for the shrine of Bhudara Chandi.

Similipal National Park (100kms):
One of the famous national parks of India, Similipal National Park is a renowned the tiger reserve in Odisha.

Deokund (110 km):
65kms from Baripada, Deokund has a series of waterfalls and Shakti shrine set against the outer periphery of Similipal.

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