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  1. All efforts must to be made to revive ailing units of ITDC: Dr Mahesh Sharma
  2. 7.61 lakh FTAs during February, 2015 as compared to 7.58 lakh FTAs during Feb, 2014
  3. Large Revenue Generating Projects for Development of Tourism Infrastructure
  4. Foreign Tourist Arrivals record an impressive growth rate of 10.6% during 2014
  5. News schemes PRASAD and SWADESH DARSHAN launched by the government to promote Tourism:: Dr Mahesh Sharma
  6. Tourism Minister takes a Review Meeting of Progress of New Schemes of the Ministry
  7. Government launches ETA enabled Tourist Visas on Arrival
  8. Initiatives of Ministries of Tourism & Culture to mark Good Governance Day
  9. Shri Shripad Naik launches Comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Criteria for India
  10. Union Tourism Ministry simplifies procedure for Hotel classification and re-classification
  11. Tourism Ministry delinks Hotel classification from Liquor Service
  12. India’s Tourism Sector resolves to Co-Create, Collaborate and Co-achieve
  13. International Tourism Mart Guwahati 2013
  14. 60 days limit for re entry into India lifted
  15. Compendium on Hunar Se Rozgar
  16. Constitution of Visa Committee of MHA, MEA and MoT
  17. Status of Visa Related Issues as on 12.06.2012
  18. Visa on Arrival for Indian Visitors to Myanmar
  19. Theme of World Tourism Day 2012 :Tourism and Sustainable Energy
  20. Notification regarding Tourist Visa on Arrival
  21. Tribal Women (26-March 2012)
  22. Tourist Infrastructure in Ladakh (26-March 2012)
  23. Inflow of Tourists (26-March 2012)
  24. Tourist Resort at Betla (26-March 2012)
  25. Recruitment and Promotion Rules in NCHMCT (22-March 2012)
  26. Promotion of Tourism in International and Domestic Markets in the Country (22-March 2012)
  27. Medical Tourism in India (22-March 2012)
  28. Safety and Security of Tourist should be of Utmost Concern says Sahai (21-March 2012)
  29. Tourism Ministry signs MoU with Ministry of Civil Aviation (21-March 2012)
  30. Tourism an Export Growth Engine and Employment Generator says Economic Survey 2011-12 (15-March 2012)
  31. Foreign Tourists in Assam (15-March 2012)
  32. Mega Tourism Projects (15-March 2012)
  33. Foreign Tourist Arrivals and Foreign Exchange Earnings in February 2012 (07-March 2012)
  34. Foreign Tourist Arrivals and Foreign Exchange Earnings in February 2012 (09-March 2012)
  35. Progress of Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme in February 2012 (09-March 2012)
  36. Ethiopia Seeks Assistance from India to Promote Tourism
  37. Progress of Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme in January 2012
  38. Hotel Management Institute (02-September 2011)
  39. Irregularities in ITDC (02-September 2011)
  40. Promotion of Tourism (02-September 2011)
  41. National Parks as Tourist Spots (02-September 2011)
  42. India and Israel to Enhance Tourism Cooperation (05-September 2011)
  43. India to Hold First International Tourism Exhibition Next Year (08-September 2011)
  44. Four fold Increase in the Allotment for Tourism During 12th Plan (09-September 2011)
  45. Scheme for Driver’s Training Lauched Under Hunar Se Rozgaar Initiative (14-September 2011)
  46. Institute of Hotel and Catering Management at Dethali (23-September 2011)
  47. Subodh Kant Visits CIS Countries (26-September 2011)

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